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Boost Your Immunity With IV Vitamin Infusion

As colder temperatures give cold and flu viruses extra strength, fight back by supporting your own immune system. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic makes staying in good health more important than ever. Don’t go down with a cold, the flu, or other illnesses this fall and winter!

With IV vitamin infusion therapy, you can strengthen your immune system, providing support to keep you in good whole-body health. The experienced care team at Lenox Medical Clinic, under the leadership of Sudha Challa, MD, offers IV vitamin infusion treatments for new and existing patients.

Ramping up your nutrient intake

Your body naturally absorbs needed nutrients and hydration from the food and beverages you eat and drink, and even though vitamin supplements, but an IV treatment can supercharge your vitamin and nutrient intake. You can take in more nutrients intravenously than you can eat in the healthiest meal.

Our IV infusion cocktail — delivered directly into your bloodstream — contains the right elements to balance your electrolytes and fully hydrate your whole body, fast. We tailor your treatment to your unique health care needs.

Your body absorbs the nutrients and vitamins in your IV cocktail rapidly. You only need about a half-hour for a treatment session. Once we carefully insert your IV into a vein, you can relax in comfort while your infusion takes place.

Strengthening your immune system

When you achieve optimum hydration, your body has more resilience to fight off disease and recover from physical debilitation or trauma. Your personalized cocktail of vitamins, including a large dose of vitamin C, also works to support your immune system, helping to protect you during cold and flu season.

You can benefit from IV vitamin infusion treatment if you’re concerned about your immune system or if you suffer from general fatigue. This treatment can also dramatically improve your condition if you’re dehydrated for any reason, such as from an athletic event or due to a lasting illness.

The experts at Newtown Park Medical Clinic and Geriatrics & Dekalb Family Practice and Geriatrics often recommend an IV vitamin infusion for patients suffering from gastroenteritis, other illnesses causing severe vomiting or diarrhea, or respiratory or urinary tract infections.

To find out more about how an IV vitamin infusion could benefit you, get in touch with Dr. Challa and her team today. You can schedule your appointment by calling the office convenient to you — in Chamblee or Johns Creek, Georgia — or request an appointment online.

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