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Physical exams evaluate your general health and can detect issues before they become serious so you get early treatment. At Lenox Medical Clinic, Board-Certified practitioner Sudha Challa, MD, offers routine physicals to adults and children, as well as physicals required by school, government agencies, and work. To book your physical, call the office in Chamblee or Johns Creek, Georgia, or use the online tool to schedule today.

Physicals Q & A

Why are routine physicals important?

You may feel healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should just assume your health is perfect. Regular checkups or preventive care can pick up underlying problems that don’t show symptoms until they’ve reached a critical stage. These include chronic conditions like high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

Routine physicals include simple tests and screenings that catch diseases in their early stages when they’re most treatable. 

During these exams, the practitioners at Lenox Medical Clinic identify risk factors that may not currently cause you trouble, but that may lead to health problems in the future if you don’t make changes.

People of all ages benefit from routine physicals.

What happens during physicals?

A standard physical exam begins with a review of your and your family’s medical history. You answer questions about your lifestyle, including exercise habits, diet, alcohol consumption, and smoking. The staff records your blood pressure, weight, and heart rate.

During the exam, your provider examines your eyes, ears, and throat using magnifying instruments. They check your thyroid and examine your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. They also check your reflexes.

Your provider orders routine blood work like cholesterol checks and blood sugar evaluation. They recommend routine exams such as colonoscopy or mammogram, depending on your age or medical history.

If anything unusual shows up during your exam, you may be sent for additional tests. The practice offers in house labs onsite for your convenience.

What specific types of physicals are offered?

A routine physical evaluates your health and usually includes an exam, blood work, urine check, and any other screenings specific to your health history.

Lenox Medical Clinic also offers:

Well-child checks

Well-child checks are a way to ensure that your child is thriving. At these visits, a technician measures your child’s height and weight, and depending on age, their head circumference or blood pressure. 

During well-child checks, you can discuss any concerns you have about your child’s health, learn healthy behaviors, and verify if your child is up to date on vaccinations.

School, camp, or sports physicals

If your school, sports team, or camp requires a physical, the team at Lenox Medical Clinic is qualified to perform required screenings and sign off on any forms. 

These physicals involve a comprehensive exam, blood work, verification of vaccinations, and any specific evaluations to make sure you (or your child) are healthy enough to participate in an activity.

Immigration or Green Card physicals

An immigration or Green Card physical requires a general physical during which your provider evaluates your blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate. 

They also assess the general physical appearance of your ears, nose, throat, abdomen, eyes, lymph nodes, external genitalia, and skin. They review your vaccination history, have you undergo a chest X-ray, and send you for blood tests. The immigration exam also includes tests for syphilis, gonorrhea, and tuberculosis.

DOT physicals and drug screenings

To receive a commercial driver’s license, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires you to prove you’re in good health. Lenox Medical Clinic is certified to provide DOT physicals and any drug screenings required to receive your license. 

To schedule your physical, call Lenox Medical Clinic or use online booking today.