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Fotona Laser Treatments


We are excited to present our Fotona Laser Treatments! 


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 Non invasive laser face lifting

A unique combination of four distinct modes of aesthetic treatment harnessed in concert to combat facial aging.

• SmoothLifting TM

• FRAC3®


• SupErficialTM


Non-Invasive Laser Facial Rejuvenation

• Protocol settings tailored specifically for men

• Immediate freshness and tightness

• More youthful and healthy skin

• Natural-looking results Non-invasive

• No down-time


Non-Invasive Laser Eyebrow Lifting

• Forehead eyebrow elevation

• Eyelid tightening Natural-looking results

• Natural-looking results 

• Non-invasive procedure

• No downtime


Non-invasive Er:YAG laser treatment for tightening and wrinkle reduction in the periocular region

• Improves skin elasticity, overall structure and volume

• Stimulates collagen remodeling and initiates neocollagenesis

• Little-to-no down-time

• Gentle, fast and non-invasive

• Safe and precisely controlled

NightLase® Snoring and Apnea Treatment

• Non-invasive

• Increases the quality of a patient’s sleep

• Extremely easy for any doctor or dentist to perform

• Lessen the effects of snoring and sleep apnea

• Safe and patient-friendly treatment


Laser Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening

• Dual-wavelength laser procedure combining unique PIANO® and SMOOTH® technologies for deep as well as superficial skin tightening and fat reduction

• Non-invasive and comfortable procedure with no downtime

• Safe and effective on all body areas

• No consumables

• TightSculptingTM is just one of over 40 applications that are available on the SP Dynamis platform.

HAIRestart ®

• Prevents further hair loss

• Increases hair density and thickness

• Promotes new follicle growth

• Non-invasive

• No medications

• No down-time

Acne Laser Treatment

A fast and simple solution for clear skin

• Safe and effective

• No medication

• Controlled, accurate and precise

• Improves skin texture and tone

• Suitable for larger and smaller areas

• Fast and gentle

ClearStepsTM Laser Onychomycosis Treatment 

• Complete fungal elimination

• Non-invasive

• No chemicals or oral medication

• Stimulates the natural growth and immune processes of the body

• Extremely fast, effective and easy to perform

• Safe and patient-friendly treatment

Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment 

A minimally invasive solution for excessive sweating

• A permanent solution for axillary hyperhidrosis

• One hour procedure under local anesthesia

• Safe, fast and effective

• Selective targeting of only the skin tissue that needs to be removed

• High success rate and patient satisfaction

Laser Podiatry Treatments

• The widest range of indications with two laser wavelengths: Nd:YAG and Er:YAG

• Effective treatments with great patient satisfaction

• Quick recovery times

• Safe, extremely fast and easy to perform procedures  

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