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Keep your child healthy with regular pediatric visits at Lenox Medical Clinic. Board-certified family medicine physician Sudha Challa, MD, provides expert care to evaluate your child’s growth or to help in the case of illness. Call the office in Chamblee or Johns Creek, Georgia, or schedule your pediatrics appointment online today.

Pediatrics Q & A

How does pediatrics care support my child’s health?

Pediatrics care provides health support for children from infancy through their teen years. Children have unique health needs that are different from those of adults. 

Lenox Medical Clinic understands this and tailors diagnoses and treatments for children to their development, and age.

Basic services include immunizations, well-child checks, and sick visits. With such comprehensive care, the providers address issues like:

  • Healthy nutrition and physical activity
  • Bullying and mental health
  • Sports safety
  • Adolescent risk behaviors

Your child is screened for common pediatric issues like vision and hearing problems, obesity and related conditions, autism, depression, and substance abuse. 

Lenox Medical Clinic also manages your child’s chronic conditions, such as asthma, ADHD, and thyroid problems.

When children come down with illnesses that can’t be prevented, Lenox Medical Clinic also offers urgent care support for issues like cold and flu symptoms, ear infections, skin rashes and warts, ankle sprains, cuts, burns, and stomach illnesses.

Your child should be in a car seat until 40 pounds, then in a belt-positioning booster until the safety belt fits well (this is usually between 8-12 years). Your child should be 4’9” or 57 inches tall before coming out of the belt-positioning booster. All children should ride in the back seat until age 13.

Please make sure your child wears a properly fitting helmet when riding a bike, scooter, or skates. Be sure your child gets 16-24 oz of dairy products and foods daily that contain calcium, avoid caffeine, and limit juice to 4 ounces of 100% fruit juice daily. Please schedule your child's initial dentist visit by 3 years of age.

Routine prescription refills are done during regular business hours. Please allow 24-48 hours for ALL refills.

Should I have my child immunized?

Immunizations, or vaccinations, are a critical part of your child’s health care. 

At Lenox Medical Clinic, you’ll receive education about each recommended vaccine so you can understand how essential they are in reducing your child’s risks of contracting a disease. 

Immunizing your child protects the entire community from catastrophic illness. The flu vaccine is also available for kids older than 6 months. 

What happens during a pediatrics wellness check?

Pediatric wellness checks are a time for you and your child to develop a relationship with the providers at Lenox Medical Clinic. They’re scheduled frequently in your baby’s first year and become less frequent as your child ages.

At wellness checks, a provider evaluates your child’s growth to ensure it’s on target. Height and weight measurements are compared to normal developmental milestones and previous assessments. Your child will also have a thorough physical exam, including a check of their ears, eyes, and heart.

Wellness checks include a review of immunizations and your child is brought up to date if any are due. Your provider also talks to you and your child about lifestyle factors that can affect their health, such as sleep, diet, exercise, and safety.

Trust Lenox Medical Clinic for all your family health needs, including pediatric care for your children. Call for an appointment or book online today.