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Is PRP Right for Me?

Is PRP Right for Me?

Regenerative medicine is rapidly growing in popularity among health care providers and patients alike, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the field of medicine focused on healing tissue to restore healthy function — and regenerative therapies tap into the body’s natural healing ability to do it.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the best-known methods of regenerative medicine today. PRP therapy utilizes elements found in your blood to restore and revitalize damaged tissue without the need for prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

At Lenox Medical Clinic, Sudha Challa, MD, and our team use PRP therapy for services ranging from chronic pain management to aesthetic treatments. With all the possible benefits of PRP, there’s something for everyone. We’re here to help you decide if PRP is right for you.

PRP therapy for pain management

Pain is your body’s natural response to injury or damage. It serves an important function, but when the pain lasts for weeks, months, or years, it can erode your quality of life.

There are many possible causes of pain, including injury and degenerative conditions like arthritis. Chronic pain affects an estimated 20% of American adults, but PRP therapy could offer much-needed relief.

PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors and platelets, essential components of the healing process. Dr. Challa often recommends PRP therapy for people with musculoskeletal pain, including:

PRP injections stimulate your body’s healing response, and the PRP solution has the elements that your body needs to heal more quickly. The result? PRP can be an effective method of pain management.

There’s no downtime following PRP therapy. Many people notice reduced pain and improved function in just a few weeks with results continuing to improve over time. Depending on your condition, Dr. Challa may recommend a series of PRP injections.

PRP therapy for aesthetic treatments

It’s no secret that PRP therapy is powerful. While it’s often used to stimulate healing and reduce musculoskeletal pain, it also has aesthetic benefits. That’s why Dr. Challa and our team are proud to bring the latest cosmetic PRP treatments to our medical spa patients.

The years can take a toll on your body in a variety of ways. Regenerative medicine and PRP therapy can address common signs of aging by stimulating healthy tissue growth to replace damaged tissue.

Dr. Challa offers a suite of “vampire” aesthetic services, including:

These procedures get their name because they use elements from your blood to revitalize your skin, giving you a lifted, more youthful look. In the case of hair restoration, PRP therapy can stimulate hair follicles to produce more hair growth.

PRP also offers benefits for sexual wellness. Dr. Challa specializes in the O-Shot® for female sexual wellness and the P-Shot® for male sexual wellness. The goal of both treatments is to increase sensitivity and improve your sexual experiences.

Curious how PRP therapy could help you live better? Contact our team at Lenox Medical Clinic online or call for an appointment.

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